Your Plant & Machinery Finance Solution

Financial solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes

Your Business Finance Solution

Financial solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes

Your Car & Commercial Vehicle Finance Solution

Financial solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes

Your Agricultural Finance Solution

Financial solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes

Your Equestrian Finance Solution

Financial solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes

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Finance doesn’t just have to be for vehicles, we have helped with finance solutions across a great number of industry sectors.


With very competitive rates, business equipment refinance allows you to release locked in equity from your assets. This is available across a number of sectors and equipment types. These unlocked funds can then be used as you require, from consolidating existing finance, growing your existing business or purchasing another. If you are running your own business, at some point you will come across the need to invest in order to continue growing. But this can require a substantial amount of capital investment, and often you will find yourself unable to grow further without it. Unfortunately, banks are ever more cautious when it comes to further lending, and the use of the company overdraft is far from ideal. We are able to offer you an easy solution to that problem. We can help you find easier ways to raise capital by examining the potential already in your business. For example, you may have unused assets within the business, or you could refinance existing assets and release the equity held within them.

Funding of VAT payments, Corporation Tax, Personal Tax & Professions Loans

VAT, Corporate Tax and Director’s/Partners income tax loans can all be funded subject to proofs of VAT/tax liabilities respectively.

Professions Loans can include such things as 100% software transactions, practice acquisition/merger, refurbishment of trading premises, unleasable assets, practising certificates, professional indemnity fees, tax liability funding, partner buy in and buy out (including equity increase of existing partners), case purchase funding, disbursement funding and aged debtor funding for barristers, to name but a few.

VAT funding, Corporation Tax and Personal Tax funding require proofs from HMRC of various liabilities.

Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance allows the client to release cash quickly by converting the value of unpaid invoices into ready working capital. Whatever the plans, from expansion to new acquisitions and relieving cash flow pressures, extra funds provided by invoice finance can make it happen. We have a range of business partners that can offer a variety of products to assist.

Typically the client submits invoices or contractual billing details, we arrange to advance an agreed percentage, typically up to 90% of the value, to the client within 24 hours (minus fees).

Once the client’s customer pays the invoice (to our chosen business partner), the remainder of the invoice total is released to the client (minus fees).

Funds available to the client are recalculated after every transaction, so the client always knows where they are with things.

Agricultural Finance

From dairy cows to wind turbines and anything inbetween.

Cars & Commercial Vehicle Finance

Commercial vans, specialist vehicles, trucks, buses and coaches and much more.

Equestrian Finance

From livestock to horse boxes and trailers, equestrian equipment and buildings.

Plant & Machinery Finance

Need some new or upgrade machinery, machine tools.

Aircraft Finance

Aircraft and helicopter and their associated maintenance equipment.

Engineering Finance

Lathes, machine tools and more can be financed to keep your business up to date.

Marine Finance

Leisure craft, powerboats, yachts and their associated maintenance equipment.

Print Equipment Finance

Print, print finishing, press equipment? We can help with finance on all of your equipment.

Yellow Plant Finance

Need some new or upgrade machinery, machine tools.

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Common Questions we’re asked about Finance

What is asset finance?

Simply, it’s flexible way to fund purchases. often quicker and more convenient to traditional lending methods such as bank loans.

Why use asset finance?

No tying of working capital, spead the costs over lower payments up to 10 years and your purchased asset is your security. Payments are also 100% tax deductible on lease finance, while interest rates are fixed.

What can be financed?

Contrary to popular beleif, just about anything for almost any industry.

Isn’t it cheaper to go straight to a lender?

Because of the amount of business we carry out with bespoke lenders, it’s often not the case as we get preferential rates for our customers. We also do all of the work for you to make sure you get the best agreement – it’s win, win for you.

What criteria is there for credit?

We are flexible, but each customer is treated case-by-case. So despite what you may be thinking about your financial position, we could still help you.

Will you require a deposit?

It’s not essential, finance can be arranged without.

Your Business Finance Solution

When you have a growing business financial pressures can arise that slow your growth – Finance could help you grow sooner.

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